Farzaneh's picture, four years old
Farzaneh, four years old, 1991, Tehran, Iran.

I love barbequing, making waffles for my son, wandering in nature, running kites, and putting my hand(s) under my chin for posing for pictures 😉 

My name is Farzaneh (In Persian: فرزانه).

Listen to how my name is pronounced, of course, if you will.

It is pretty common to pay attention to the meaning of a name when selecting one for a newborn back home. I am interested in how people in different cultures choose names for their kids and what factors play a role in their decisions. Farzaneh means wise, intelligent, and highly knowledgeable in Persian. I admire my parents who had high hopes for me but I must agree that I have failed them so far on several occasions 😉 My son’s name (Noyan) means “commander-in-chief”, “lord”, “protector” or “prince” in Turkish and “recent” and “fresh” in Persian. I also hope that he fails me at least for the first one.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Karlstad University working on algorithmic transparency and transparency of privacy-preserving data analytics with a focus on usable differential privacy. Since the beginning of my PhD journey, I have been doing research related to the intersection of HCI and privacy and security, i.e. usable privacy and security. I am very much fascinated about the whole subject and motivated to learn more and more and become a Farzaneh (highly knowledgeable) in this area 😉 Here you can find more about my research and my publications.