PBL group 12

Getting my blog started

Welcome to my blog dedicated to reflections on the onl202 course!

As I am new to blogging I needed some introduction to get started, and today I was offered such help through an online tutorial provided by Karlstad University. This introduction taught me the basics sufficient to do my first blog post, but I also noticed my limitations of keeping up too speed with some of the other participants who had already more experience and pushed on to have some more advanced functionality explained. I have decided to follow my own learning path by putting in practice and consolidating each learning step in a gradual approach. Therefore, I am happy to use this first blog entry to simply produce a basic entry that can be connected to the overall ONL homepage. How this blog will appear once posted I have no clue about, but curious to learn, as well as comparing with other more advanced blogger to get inspiration for my next learning target.

So here we go 😜

Frankfurt am Main 7 October 2020


PS when I did a preview I noticed a field on top saying Category – uncategorised that I was not able to easily change or remove but I put that as a theme for the future not to get blocked by a detail and missing this window of opportunity to get started 😊