A teacher’s thoughts

This is my starting point for reflections during the ONL211 course, 2021.

I work with our various Teacher Programmes at Karlstad University, where I manage courses in Classroom Management (Governing Learning) and teach various modules within our educational programmes. I am also part of the team at the Center for Teching & Learning at Karlstad University.

I’m continuously looking for new ways to improve my own teaching methods and to pay these methods forward to future teachers. I am currently involved in a study where the focus is principals’ views on Covid-19 adjustments and the consequences of those adjustments, which is very exciting. Distance learning and teaching from a distance is no longer something that “some people do”, but something we all have to embrace as teachers and learners, due to the restrictions we all have due to Covid-19 restrictions. That is why I am excited to learn more from the ONL course in 2021.

Ann Vestfält


  1. Hi Ann,
    I’m co-facilitator in ONL211 and are also excited about distance learning. My approach is that the affordance in e-learning ecologies are dependent on similar dimensions as traditional teaching (read more on https://newlearningonline.com/e-learning)

    Kind regards,

  2. Ann
    It is interesting to read this post written before the course began. It is heartening to see that you plan to pay the methods you learn forward to your learners. As ONL focusses on process rather than product, I hope the course will prove fruitful to you. I am looking forward to reading your other posts to see how you develop as ONL211 progresses.

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