Life is full of meetings with new people and it always feels a bit sad when you split up and continue in life. It is amazing how technology makes it possible to form distributed groups and will I honestly miss my PBL group and our weekly meetings.

During out last week we were asked to summarize the ONL course and reflect on what we have learned and how to proceed. First of all it, I think it was very interesting to take on the “student-roll” and see how online courses can be from this perspective since most of us only have had the “teacher-roll” before.

Secondly having groups formed by people both cross-curricular and from different parts of the world gives a great opportunity to be creative and come up with a lot of ideas on the topics.

Since online courses enable activities that are not possible to do in “real-environment”-classroom, some research show that using the right tools will increase student participation (Daraei, S. ,2015).

I will actually make use of quite a lot of the things we have done during the course next time I will be having an online-course on our University. I will definitely incorporate more exercises to keep student engagement, like more interaction and group work and also have more focus on the learning environment and have tasks to make the students get to know each other. I will probably also take on a more facilitator like roll when teaching and depending on which course a will teach use some more “open resources”.

In addition to this the course has also made to discover some online tools like Jambord and Mural that I had not heard about earlier.

Last I would like to thank the members of our group and our facilitator for some really interesting and inspiring weeks!


Daraei, S. (2015). A Study about Effects of Facebook on Conceptual Learning Mathematics. International Journal of Future Computer and Communication, Vol. 4, No. 1, February 2015 , 77-78.