WP 0 – A holistic Framework

AIDA aims to enable novel trustworthy data-driven real-time industrial IoT applications by building a holistic AI-driven Networking and Processing framework. Indeed, ongoing efforts in digitalization are leveraging the development of Internet connected smart sensors and the processing capabilities of Cloud and Edge based systems. Such processing requires trustworthy data gathering and machine learning (ML) algorithms in order to, e.g., improve production processes, predict machine failures, etc.. They need to be integrated with networked real-time decision systems in order to react under tight timing constraints.

The WP0 focuses on the interaction of Computer Networking, Distributed Systems, and Software Testing. The main aim is to integrate the three separate sub-projects WP1-WP3 to build a Holistic AI-driven Networking and Processing Framework for InDustriAl IoT.

For cross-project integration and coherence, there is a need for a holistic framework that serves to align contributions from different sub-projects, and thereby, enable future cross-disciplinary research, which will be one of AIDA’s main deliverables. In order to guide and align the work in different sub-projects, common driving use cases will be defined at the start of AIDA. Those use cases will come from industrial partners and serve as inputs for the design of an initial cross-project architecture.