WP 1 – Software-Defined TimeSensitive Networks

For enabling Data-driven Industrial IoT applications that have tight constraints on latency and reliability, adding real-time capabilities to standard Ethernet within the context of IEEE 802.1, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is considered the key enabling technology for deterministic and convergent networks. TSN is a set of standards that cover different aspects of deterministic networking, including increased reliability, latency control, time synchronization and resource management. However, the many and complex configuration options make it very difficult to configure, manage and operate such networks. Configuration of TSN mechanisms must ensure that high priority and time-critical information is forwarded without interference. This entails complex procedures to define proper parameters for the time-aware scheduler and its reservation of timeslots for Ethernet frames.

This WP contributes to answering the following research questions concerning Control Plane aspects for TSN:

  • How can we apply principles from Software Defined Networks to the management and configuration of TSN, so that data driven real-time industrial IoT applications can meet their deadline?
  • How can we optimize the network configurations in order to be robust against uncertainties?
  • How can we update TSN configurations consistently leveraging SDN based concepts?

The following activities will be carried out in WP1:

Activity 1.1: Software Defined Networking based Control Plane for TSNs

Activity 1.2: Robust Configuration for SDN based TSNs

Activity 1.3: Consistent Network Updates in SDN based TSNs