October 1, 2021

When the planet is under attack by our way of living and use of its resources, pedagogics is no doubt addressing the most essential questions on knowledge, learning and change of behavior. I just now read an article on the coldest temperatures in Antarctica for ages being measured. An article recommended to me by a friend who sees himself as a devils advocate on climate issues. I’m not sure if he actually doubt what is being claimed by science on the need for us to alter our way of living and produce goods but he likes to provoke I think, maybe believing that he is the only one actually seeing it from the other side. The articles heading was, “South Pole posts most severe cold season on record, a surprise in a warming world” and by reading just that and maybe the first part of the article you could very well get the impression that it was actually challenging the scientific clam of global warming. Anyway, I read the article, and I read it to the end. In doing that one realizes that this article is doing nothing else but support the argument that the globe is under a climate attack. In the latter part it was stated, “Scientists stressed that the record cold over the South Pole in no way refutes or lessens the seriousness of global warming“.

I don’t think my friend read it to the end, because the title and perhaps the preamble could very well supported his doubt and idea of a media conspiracy on hiding actual facts.

I do to quite often, just read the headings, presumably having got the main point. This is the world we live in, opinions and views built on abbreviated and selected parts information.

So why did I start here, my intention being to talk about pedagogics and the ONL-learning processes? Well maybe that the role of a true pedagogical person is viewed as someone who don’t answer or respond to questions but rather turn the question back to the questioner meaning that he or she already knows the answer and as a pedagogic the task is just to support the learning process which is fulfilled if one find the answer him- or herself. As when you really need to pee and ask a pedagogic where the restroom is, and the pedagogic answers, “where do you want it to be?

At our first group meeting this week in the ONL212 I got a bit of a deja vu from my courses in pedagogics when I was studying to become a teacher in math and political science some 25 years ago. A lack of directions as the idea of fostering true learning processes. Back then it filled me with a bit of oppositional rage but know I mostly smile. The group trying to find what actually to do and how, no one wanting to step up and take the lead, realizing that would probably be the wrong pedagogical thing here. It was a bit cute and a bit funny. We managed well in our group 5 I think, deciding that the first task, to present the group could be done with great liberties and that we therefore could present us as a bunch of avatars living different online lives.

Avatar Sven

I’m hopefully more mature and not so oppositional anymore and I truly think this is going to be very interesting, to see where our group decide to go. I’m very much looking forward to get to know the group better as we go along and to learn from that journey. Thank you group 5 for a good start!

Below is by the way my first try on a new tool called Biteable where you can make animated videos (for pedagogical reasons). Klick the link below the picture if you would like to check it out.

The journey begins!

The journey begins!