September 22, 2021

On the top of Sanjartjåkka, 1580 masl, August 15th, 2021

This is my first update on my first blog on my first week of the course in Open Network Learning. Its sort of a test I guess but one might just try to say something that actually relates to what I’m trying to do here, reflect on my learning process and my experiences of this course. I must admit, I have problems with having too many options. My first reflections is of frustration of having to decide whether to have a picture at the top or a heading. It seems as if the heading came before the picture this time. I might change that. I also might change the picture. The picture chosen is from my hike this summer up north in Sweden. Another picture from that hike is the one below and maybe actually that illustrates better the ‘window’ I’m referring to being my view out on this course and perhaps the world around us.

My son call me a tent site fascist. I have absolutely no idea what he might mean by that but maybe he might refer to me being a bit particular on my/our tent site when hiking.

So, my first blog here I think will be on my problems of having to decide. Ambivalence is my middle name and options are a nuisance to me. Especially having many options. Starting with this blog and how to set it up, having to decide on framing, colors, pictures and where to put them etc, frustrates me. It might be something I come back to in this blog and in this course as I anticipate that ONL learning is about discover all the options you have in choosing pedagogical pathways. That stresses me a bit. I must admit, I like restrictions. I like when there is just a few alternatives and when you have to make the most out of them. Like when there is just a few things left in the fridge and you manage to make a decent dinner out of it. Yay! That gets my creativity and energy going. Many alternatives and options also raise the expectations which in turn stresses me. ‘Was this all you managed to make out of all the possibilities this tool gave you?‘.

We’ll see, maybe I get over it and become better in appreciate a vast tool box rather than just a few pencils. Or, I come back to this mental issue and barrier as sort of a hub of my own learning process. Something to depart from. For this journey I then depart from my hesitancy against freedom of choice. How is that for a start?