Max Schnepf, Ursula Probst:
Thinking Sex in Times of Corona: Ambivalent intimacies and future desires

Katarzyna Wojnicka:
What’s masculinity got to do with it? The COVID-19 pandemic, men and care

Erol Saglam:
“IT IS ALL A BIG HOAX, MAN!” Conspiracy Theories, Masculinities, and Global Health Crisis at a Glance

Sharmila Parmanand:
The dangers of masculinity contests in a time of pandemic

Mara Pieri:
When vulnerability 
got mainstream: reading the pandemic through disability and illness

Alice L. Pacher and Hirayama Maki:
Impact of COVID-19 on Sexuality in Japan

María Florencia Blanco Esmoris and Nemesia Hijós:
The layers of inequality:Bodies, gender and daily life in Argentina during the pandemic

Magali N. Alloatti:
Gender, racial and social class inequalities in Brazil. An intersectional approach on domestic work amid the Covid-19 pandemic