Sonia Wong:
The New Normal: Rethinking the Everyday in Uncertain Times

Catherine Earl; Nguyen Thi Hong- Xoan; Greeni Maheshwari:
Normalising gendered inequalities in post-COVID-19 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Psycho-social impact of the State of Alarm in Spain on LGTQBA+ adolescents

Mari Greenfield:
Queer birth during Covid-19 in the UK

Rebecca Irons:
Virus and Vegetables: Peruvian Market Women, COVID-19, and Gender Segregated Quarantine

Sreya Banerjea:
Intersecting Vulnerabilities of Migrant Sex Workers in India: A Gender Perspective

Francesca Ammaturo and Olimpia Burchiellaro:
Queering the quarantine: Space,place and personhood at the queer house party

Tunay Altay:
In the grip of rising nationalism and shrinking publics: Turkey´s emerging LGBTQ digital spaces during COVID-19