KauKan! Educational development day

28 September 2023
Theme 2023: From conference to development day

On Thursday September 28, the Centre for Teaching and Learning (UPE), invites you to this year’s higher educational development day, where you have the opportunity to exchange experiences, have collegial discussions and take part in various development work on teaching and assessment.

The development day is free of charge and will be carried out on-site at Kau.

It would be exciting to receive even more contributions and conversations about teaching and learning and therefore invite you to a development day.

Take the chance to make visible what is happening in your course or program or what questions and concerns you carry with you. Come and take part in the conversations and stories of your colleagues. Kau wants and KauKan!

Current and issues of interest for the development day could be, for example:

  • What have you done in your courses to improve learning for your students?
  • What practical steps have you completed that you want to show?
  • Share something that didn’t go as planned.
  • All contributions are welcome! Skicka in senast 15 juni


See the program here

At 8.30-16 (mingling from 8.15). Detailed program will come later.


Read more about the contributions here