At the pedagogical café on October 23, 2023, ethical dilemmas were discussed.

It is important for a working team to be in agreement about work methods and guidelines considering the working environment. Therefore UPE arranged a meeting with the purpose to develop support material with questions that working team can use as discussion material in their planning work. Below you can find the questions that were gathered:

Discuss and talk through the following questions:

  • Should the students create group contracts?
  • How do we approach responding to student emails? What about the timing of responses?
  • What are our thoughts on the assessment of examinations? The level of difficulty for exams? When should students submit them? How should we handle assessment comments? Should we have assessment meetings/calibration meetings?
  • Discuss different forms of assessment in the course. What does the syllabus say?
  • How do we think about potential group assessments? How do we proceed if students are not participating?
  • If students say something inappropriate to other students or colleagues, how do we handle it?
  • How far does our educational responsibility extend? What is the teacher’s responsibility for students’ own learning?
  • How do we think about the teacher-student relationship in terms of privacy? How do we balance being personal and professional but not private? Or should we be private?
  • How do we reason about proximity versus distance (relationship) between teachers and students?
  • How do we approach course evaluations? Should we have some form of debriefing in the teaching team at the end of the course?