When the student group is so small that you can have a conversation with each individual student and use their own work as the starting point, we refer to it as tutoring. How do you do good tutoring? Can you tutor in a group?

Giving feedback on poor writing: How do you approach it?

It can be difficult to criticise someone’s writing. And perhaps even more difficult to be at the receiving end. And it will not be made easier if it concerns a course that does not revolve around language at all. Here is some advice on how to increase the chances of successful feedback.

ICT: Surveys

The Survey&Report tool can be used to create, collect and process survey data. Both researchers, teachers and students can use it.

Story: Multimodal logbook at VFU for better teacher-student contact

In the vocational teacher education, students at their VFU (Placement) have kept a multimodal digital logbook about some pre-determined assignments that are related to the course objectives. The assignments were about mind maps, assessment matrix and tripartite conversations, i. e. three different forms of reflection. (Video, 24 min., only in Swedish)

The tree-step-strategy for reading scientific articles

For the unaccustomed student, it is easy to drown in details when trying to read scientific text such as research articles. It ends in confusion. The student needs a clear strategy to stick to. Here, Kershav describes a useful three-step method to keep the reader’s head safely above the water’s surface.

Tips: Better technical drawing with peer review

Mikael Åsberg shares a scheme where future machine engineers trains each other in technical drawing. A system with controlled peer review provides less correction work for the teacher, more time with the students for dialogue and reflection and better quality of the students’ drawings. And the scheme is useful far beyond the subject of technical […]

Tips: Fixed Ask-the-teacher time slots

Many students are reluctant to adderss direct questions to the teacher, especially in large student groups or when the teacher is avaliable only online and not least when the question must be asked in writing. The teacher, on the other hand, may feel that there are too many questions about the same thing, even though […]

Tips: Support matrices to identify where students need help

Support matrices is a digital tool that helps students to keep track of their progress in sections of a course that include exercise or training tasks and which also helps the teacher to identify tasks that cause difficulties in the student group. In this way, the teacher can adapt the teaching so that the focus […]