Cheating and plagiarism

The teacher’s task regarding cheating and plagiarism is about discouraging from it, making it more difficult and discovering it when it happens

Canvas template course

In this short video, we will show you around in a template course homepage for Canvas that is designed based on good pedagogical principles. You can “download” the template from Canvas Commons directly from your course shell. (Video, 9 mins. Only Swedish)

Checklist for a good course website in Canvas

This is a checklist for you who are a course leader/teacher in a university course with a website in Canvas. It is based on robust principles for what a good study environment for students should look like and it also makes life easier for you, the teacher. Use it to check that you do not […]

Effective study environment online

How to design an online course in practice? In this short video, we’ll outline four principles that guide you in setting up a working study environment that let students focus on the important stuff: Their learning.

Formulate a pedagogical idea for the course!

It is difficult to discuss details in something, e. g. a course structure, if you do not have an idea of the whole. What is the whole that the details are intended to support? What is the pedagogical idea for the course that the details should realize?

Group work as a form of work

Group work is not a “refreching change from just a lecture”, but a powerful form of work when people learn something new. Here are some good reasons to choose group work. And a risk to keep an eye on.

Mandatory course components: When can we use it?

The general principle for higher education is that it is voluntary for the student. The only mandatory element is the examination. However, certain course components can be made mandatory, even if they are not part of the examination. How?

Planning language progression throughout an entire study programme

A student with generally weak language skills is not likely to solve the issues over the time period of one single course. Measures to strengthen a student’s language skills therefore need to be planned using an overall approach that looks at the entire study programme.

Reading instructions for students? When and how?

If you arrive at university fresh out of upper secondary school or after several years in working life, it can be difficult to approach the task of reading large quantities of text. How would you – the teacher – describe your target group? Do they need the support of reading instructions and study techniques?

Tips: Overview per week

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make a simple overview picture that presents what will happen during the course.

Tips: Structure in the course with Canvas 'Study Planner'

With the canvas tool Study Planner, you can help students create structure in their study work and in their planning. In addition, the tool helps you assess how your course structure will affect the students’ workload. Have you created a reasonable structure?