National and European

Framework and rules on the national and european level. 


As teachers, we need to have access to and handle peoples’ personal information, especially related to our students. We do this in direct form with regard to students’ personal data and we are also responsible for how the students handle personal data when doing course assignments, e. g. when writing essays and doing surveys or […]

ICT: Subtitling of video

The law on the Accessibility of Digital Public Services (DOS law) stipulates that all films and videos used in the university’s education must be subtitled. You can get support to fulfill this requirement.

The role of ESG criteria in teaching

ESG stands for Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. The ESG criteria from 2015 form the basis for UKÄ’s evaluations of higher education, which makes it important to know about them. Here is a brief presentation of what the ESG criteria mean and which criteria are most important for […]