As teachers, we need to have access to and handle peoples’ personal information, especially related to our students. We do this in direct form with regard to students’ personal data and we are also responsible for how the students handle personal data when doing course assignments, e. g. when writing essays and doing surveys or interviews. GDPR regulates how we can and should do this.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an regulation, referred to in Swedish as “allmän dataskyddsförordning” (“general data protection regulation”) or “dataskyddsförordningen” (“the data protection regulation”).

You will find information about GDPR via Inslaget (the KAU intranet), Universitetet (the University), Informationshantering (Information Management), Integritetsskydd, GDPR (the Data Protection Regulation GDPR; also in English on the sub-pages). In those pages, you willl find instructions on how to handle common situations and forms to use when students collect data during essay work.