A reexamination may be a second exam opportunity in an ongoing course, or an “independent” exam opportunity for those students who failed their course examination earlier (pick up exams). How do you organize reexaminations/resits and pick up exams online?

Canvas: Pick up exams online

Set up a specific Canvas course page to be used for all pick up exams in a course or in a program. It helps you to keep track of all the students that show up to complete their missing exam assignments long after the regular exam opportunity or resits. Here is how to do it.

Canvas: Reexams/Resits online

Reexamination in Canvas is easy to organize. No pre-registration required, no reservation of seats in the examination hall, everything you need in one place.

Tips: Exam questions based on short case descriptions

The goal here is to influence study strategies to involve more in-depth learning by use of short case descriptions. As a beneficial side-effect, systematically constructed case descriptions can be used to function as the basis for a large and useful material of examination questions.