The classic view of university teaching is the teacher lecturing to the students who are listening and taking notes. But must a lecture really have to be completely one-way? How do your do good lectures and make students active?

ICT: Lessons online

The most important tools for meeting students face to face online are Zoom, Padlet and Mentimeter.

ICT: Subtitling of video

The law on the Accessibility of Digital Public Services (DOS law) stipulates that all films and videos used in the university’s education must be subtitled. You can get support to fulfill this requirement.

Tips: How to record in Zoom

In less than 5 minutes, Åsa Kronkvist at Kristianstad University teach you the basics of recording in Zoom.

Tips: Record yourself

Recording a lecture film is not the same as lecturing in a physical classroom on campus. And now we are not talking about the technical aspects, with camera, microphone, handling video files, etc., but about how you need act in the lecture. Here are seven solid tips.