University teacher in practice

On this website, you will find practical support for your everyday pedagogical work as a teacher at the university. It’s about planning, implementing and examining, about net-based teaching, on campus, or both.

During the pandemic, a lot of attention has been on distance teaching, so first and foremost we focus on how to do net-based teaching. But much of the teacher’s craftsmanship is independent of in which fora you meet with the students. Therefore, a lot of the material here is equally relevant if your course is net-based or campus based.

The top menu will take you to resources in the form of posts. Each post has labels (You will find them on the right when you read a post) that guide you to More about what you are looking for. But there is a lot of material here, so do not forget the Search function (See the upper right corner!), which searches in all text on all posts.

Our aim is for you to find help here to create good teaching in practice, regardless of your level of experience, your subject area or whether your students are at a basic or advanced level.

The University Pedagogical Unit (UPE) created this website and the material. If you have suggestions for new content or changes, your feedback is welcome. Feel free to contact us (!