Keep teaching, examinations and meetings with Keep on teaching!

We are still in a new and unusual situation where we need to change from campus and physical meetings to distance work, digital teaching and examination. The university pedagogical unit together with the IT department supports you in the transition and this page: Keep on teaching is part of this work. The page will be updated continuously.

We help you keep the teaching going so that the students can complete their educations as far as possible. At Karlstad University, we have good resources to do so. You can to a large extent and relatively quickly replace lectures, laboratory work, seminars and exercises with work via Canvas, Zoom, KauPlay and our other services. But you may need to rethink some.


The goal is continued teaching.

The tips, strategies, tools and resources available here at Keeponteaching are not intended as a complete lesson in distance education. The intention is to provide support for a relatively fast and smooth transition from campus to distance.

  • Do not wait. More preparatory work is needed to create distance education.
  • Choose simple solutions. We should accept simple and provisional solutions right now.
  • Show tolerance and be flexible. It will not be perfect immediately.
  • Students will be extra stressed. Show that you make an effort to make things work. That’s far enough.
  • Help each other. We have not experienced this before. Now is the time for cooperation.