You, the university teacher, of course have the ultimate responsibility for your own competence development, from achieving the requirements for eligibility and after that so on. UPE’s role is to support you as a university teacher in your everyday practice and development as a teacher. We are located at Inslaget (KAUs intranet) > Education & research > University pedagogy and didactics.

Many different forms

The largest part of UPE’s activities in terms of time is different types of activities to carry out competence development for teachers:

UPE also handles support for several of the ICT tools available to teachers at the university.

And this site you are currently visiting is part of our support for you.

UPE is also responsible for the university library’s subject guide for higher education pedagogy (only in Swedish). There you will find a selection of textbooks, current research and other sources of knowledge about higher education pedagogy.


UPE regularly publishes a digital newsletter with news, current activities, changes, reading tips and other things that you can benefit from. (Email to join the mailing list!) Fix a new link!

And you will find all the activities that are going on in UPE’s calendar.

Eligibility and qualification

Another part of UPE’s responsibility is to handle the validation of qualifying university pedagogical education and the process of achieving eligibility as a teacher (only in Swedish).

UPE are your colleagues – literally

UPE works through a small number of employees particularly linked to the unit, but above all by many active teachers participating as course leaders, workshop leaders and leaders for other forms of collegial exchange and development. We strive to be relevant and attentive and stimulate collegial collaboration throughout the university.

We are easy to get in touch with

If you do not find anything in the finished offer, we are happy to help with advice and suggestions. Maybe we can guide you to what our colleagues at other universities do? Or maybe you have needs and ideas that can lead to something completely new? The address is always