Examination forms

What kind of knowledge or skills should be examined? Can or must the examination be conducted outside the campus’ physical environment, e.g. as a home exam? Both what is to be examined and the physical prerequisites determine which forms of examination are possible.

Groupwork and individual grades

Can groupwork be used for examinations? Is it possible to give individual grades? Are there other ways to use groupwork in teaching?

ICT: Web in teaching with Sola@Kau

On the Sola@Kau website (sola.kau.se) you or your students can easily create and shape your very own website, e. g. a reflection page, blog, portfolio or similar that fits in your course context.

Inspiration: 20 different ways for examination

A collection of examples with descriptions of 20 different ways of examining. It is NSHU (Agency for Networking and Cooperation in Higher Education) that compiled and commented. (Swedish language)

Story: Convert hall exams to online with Quiz

With the Canvas Quiz-function, the previous hall exam form has been replaced by multiple-choice and essay questions. It is about examination in large student groups. Experiences, challenges and lessons learned from a project in the subject Business Administration. (Video, 26 min., only in Swedish)

Tips: Assessment matrices for grades in laboratory elements

It is difficult to assess laboratory elements and oral examinations in a practically manageable and legally secure manner. Traditionally, the assessment criterion for laboratory elements has only been a requirement for active participation, while the written laboratory report is what is graded. Thus, the practical part is in principle not grade-based, despite the fact that […]

Tips: Hybrid examination as a strategy to get more students to finish

Students were offered to do small assignments during the course. These assignments gave them extra points at the final examination. The purpose was to motivate them to engage in a relatively extensive course literature written in English. It turned out that the more assignments that students did, the better they also scored at the assignments […]

Tips: When students don't study until the take-home exam

In take-home exams, students are sometimes given a relatively long time to complete it, e. g. several days. Some students take the chance of being able to pass the exam assignments by searching the literature and reading just the minimum needed to pass the direct exam questions.