Teaching and learning is about implementing the planned course, to meet the students in lectures, tutoring and other kinds of learning activities, to meet directly in the physical room or online, or indirectly via instructions and recordings, as information and in dialogue. It is about the actual meeting, here and now, where the student’s learning really takes off, comes to a halt or is given a new direction.

Course material

It is about schedule, literature, teacher instructions, student instructions, examination assignments, etc. It includes designing a course homepage in the course platform (Canvas) and selecting and preparing other tools that will be needed. How do you create course materials and what do you need to consider? How do you present the course material to the […]

Learning activities

Group work, seminars, discussion exercises, study visits, laboratory work, excursions, role play, project work, etc. It is about all kinds of activities that contribute to learning and students reaching the course objectives.


The classic view of university teaching is the teacher lecturing to the students who are listening and taking notes. But must a lecture really have to be completely one-way? How do your do good lectures and make students active?

Net-based teaching

What becomes special when you don’t meet the student on campus, but online? A campus course where you use digital tools (such as Canvas and others), or a distance course where students never meet at campus, or mixtures of campus and online, with student students sometimes on campus and sometimes remotely? It’s partly about technology, […]


When the student group is so small that you can have a conversation with each individual student and use their own work as the starting point, we refer to it as tutoring. How do you do good tutoring? Can you tutor in a group?