Was it a good course? Did things turn out as we anticipated? How did the students perceive the course activities? Course evaluation using students’ input is one of the most valuable instruments for improving teaching.

ICT: Evaluate teaching

KAU has an automated, integrated system for course evaluation. And a new one is on track to be introduced in 2022.

Story: Follow a distance student

The project Follow a distance student followed students who took distance education during the pandemic in the spring semester 2020 and mapped their experiences and needs. The goal was to be able to develop pedagogy and technical pedagogical aids in distance education during the autumn term 2020. The students’ experiences were about loneliness, swaying technology […]

Torgny Roxå on improving teaching culture

In his presentation at UPE’s conference Redefining Learning Spaces 2021, Torgny Roxå shared his experiences from developing academic teaching culture at Lund University. It is a lot about using students course feedback and teachers’ course evaluation as tools to gradually create positive change over a long period of time.