How do I proceed about designing an entire course?
Constructive alignment is the designated model for course design at KAU. Here you’ll find more on constructive alignment and lots of other useful things for teachers designing courses.


Was it a good course? Did things turn out as we anticipated? How did the students perceive the course activities? Course evaluation using students’ input is one of the most valuable instruments for improving teaching.

Knowledge and learning

What happens when people are learning something new? How does this process work? How can teachers affect what and how students learn?

Plan a course

The course objectives is where course design starts. Which learning activities are needed/are suitable for the students in the course target group to be able to reach the course objectives? What material needs to be prepared? Here are several work methods and tools to create an overview and structure that really works. The result is […]

Syllabus and course objectives

The course syllabus is the legal document that describes the course to which the student applies, is admitted to and finally will earn credits from. The syllabus states the course objectives, how the university will organize teaching and examination, if there are any compulsory elements, and the requirements for admission. How do you formulate functional […]