Story: Convert hall exams to online with Quiz

With the Canvas Quiz-function, the previous hall exam form has been replaced by multiple-choice and essay questions. It is about examination in large student groups. Experiences, challenges and lessons learned from a project in the subject Business Administration. (Video, 26 min., only in Swedish)

There are great benefits to this way of working, both for students and teachers. It will be easier for the student as e.g. does not need to upload documents. For the teachers, the grading process becomes smooth and the result clear. The challenges consisted mainly of learning the necessary settings in Canvas, and formulating questions that allow all forms of aids and at the same time correspond to already set course objectives.

Att omvandla salstentamen i stora grupper (Transform the hall exam in large groups)
Presenters: Nina Löfberg and Poja Shams, Business Administration (26 min.) (only in Swedish)

The presentation was held at UPE’s conference Från campus till online 2020 (From campus to online 2020).