ICT: Tools for examination

KAU has two tools for handling specific examination-related matters. On the one hand Ouriginal for text comparison (to detect plagiarism) and on the other hand Inspera for digital exam. In addition, of course, we have Canvas and the functionality with assignments and Quiz.

NOTE that the university has replaced Wiseflow to Inspera for digital examinations in autumn 2022.

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The role of ESG criteria in teaching

ESG stands for Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area. The ESG criteria from 2015 form the basis for UKÄ’s evaluations of higher education, which makes it important to know about them. Here is a brief presentation of what the ESG criteria mean and which criteria are most important for practicing teachers.

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Tips: Assessment matrices for grades in laboratory elements

It is difficult to assess laboratory elements and oral examinations in a practically manageable and legally secure manner. Traditionally, the assessment criterion for laboratory elements has only been a requirement for active participation, while the written laboratory report is what is graded. Thus, the practical part is in principle not grade-based, despite the fact that laboratory skills and procedural knowledge may be a central part of the subject content. In this project, the teachers have investigated whether assessment matrices can be a way to make these elements assessable.

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Story: Convert hall exams to online with Quiz

With the Canvas Quiz-function, the previous hall exam form has been replaced by multiple-choice and essay questions. It is about examination in large student groups. Experiences, challenges and lessons learned from a project in the subject Business Administration. (Video, 26 min., only in Swedish)

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