ICT: Tools for examination

KAU has two tools for handling specific examination-related matters. On the one hand Ouriginal for text comparison (to detect plagiarism) and on the other hand Inspera for digital exam. In addition, of course, we have Canvas and the functionality with assignments and Quiz.

NOTE that the university has replaced Wiseflow to Inspera for digital examinations in autumn 2022.

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What images, texts, links am I allowed to use? About copyright

We teachers convey information. We often use other people’s materials, articles, books, texts and pictures. Most of it is copyright protected and you need to know how you are allowed to use different types of material. The so-called Bonusavtalet (Bonus Agreement) allows teachers in teaching activities at universities to copy and share copyrighted material more freely than normal, but where are the boundaries?

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Creative Commons: Use material from others and share material yourself

Creative Commons is an international license system based on copyright. It declares how others can use my copyrighted material. And that makes it easy for me to see how I can use material from others.

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Cheating: Plagiarism control in Canvas

When students submit written assignments in Canvas, they should be checked for plagiarism. The Canvas tutorial includes instructions on how to activate plagiarism control and how you as a teacher can monitor and use the results of the automatic control.

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Tips: Careless essays with “formal errors”

Examining essays create troublesome extra work for tutors and examiners when the essay is carelessly proofread, with formal errors of various kinds. Here is an example of how to use a checklist to support students’ proofreading, reduce extra work for the teacher and get better essays.

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Tips: Discourage from cheating through a scary, mandatory declaration

Research in the field of Behavioral Economics shows that the tendency to cheat decreases when you are forced to explicitly state that you have not done so, especially if the declaration is made first, before submitting something.

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