Reading instructions for students? When and how?

If you arrive at university fresh out of upper secondary school or after several years in working life, it can be difficult to approach the task of reading large quantities of text. How would you – the teacher – describe your target group? Do they need the support of reading instructions and study techniques?

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Checklist for a good course website in Canvas

This is a checklist for you who are a course leader/teacher in a university course with a website in Canvas. It is based on robust principles for what a good study environment for students should look like and it also makes life easier for you, the teacher. Use it to check that you do not accidentally miss something important.

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Plan an intro session online

How do you set up a really good online course introduction ? What elements should it contain? In which order? How do we keep the students interested? How do you design a good session schedule, one that also function well when leading the session together with colleagues? Here is a commented example that can also work as a template.

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ICT: Subtitling of video

The law on the Accessibility of Digital Public Services (DOS law) stipulates that all films and videos used in the university’s education must be subtitled. You can get support to fulfill this requirement.

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What images, texts, links am I allowed to use? About copyright

We teachers convey information. We often use other people’s materials, articles, books, texts and pictures. Most of it is copyright protected and you need to know how you are allowed to use different types of material. The so-called Bonusavtalet (Bonus Agreement) allows teachers in teaching activities at universities to copy and share copyrighted material more freely than normal, but where are the boundaries?

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Tips: Record yourself

Recording a lecture film is not the same as lecturing in a physical classroom on campus. And now we are not talking about the technical aspects, with camera, microphone, handling video files, etc., but about how you need act in the lecture. Here are seven solid tips.

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Tips: Organizing documents in Canvas

Here are some concrete, practical tips on how to use the features of Canvas to disseminate instructions and other material in a structured way. You save time, make it easier to reuse course material, make it easier to collaborate with colleagues. And above all: You make life easier for the students!

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