Write a syllabus

The syllabus is written in the tool ÖKA. Use the available instructions. They offer many examples and suggestions for practical solutions, aspects to consider and examples of good wording.

The syllabus is the legal document that describes the course to which the student applies, is admitted to and finally will earn credits from. The syllabus states, among several other things, the course objectives, how the university will organize teaching and examination, if there are any compulsory elements, and the requirements for admission.

When we design a syllabus, it is important that we carefully follow the instructions that are available at university level and with supplementary instructions at faculty level:

The whole university

Anvisning vid skrivande av kursplaner på grundnivå och avancerad nivå (Instructions for writing syllabuses at the undergraduate and advanced level) (Only in Swedish)
(See Inslaget > Dokumenthörnan > NAVIGERA i Dokumenthörnan > Mallar, blanketter och manualer > under the heading Utbildningsadministration).

Local directions

Lokala riktlinjer och förslag för bl a praktikkurser och skrivning avseende komplettering finns för HS-fakulteten (Local instructions are available for the HS-faculty) (Only in Swedish)
(See Inslaget > Universitetet > Fakulteten HS > Fakultetens dokument > Utbildning på grundnivå och avancerad nivå > under the heading Kurser).