Tips: Two-part exam for students with extended writing time

Prevent cheating at take-home exams, where fast students help students with extended writing time.


If a student has extended writing time then this do not create much problems for the exam construction if it is a hall exam. The student simply stays a little longer. In the case of a take home exam via Canvas, however, there is a risk that those who have already completed the exam “help” the student who has extended writing time. And designing a separate exams for fast and slow students costs a lot of time.


A solution for a group of students in which there are also students with extended writing time, is to divide the exam in two parts:

One part of the exam (e. g. 2/3) is the same for all students. The second part of the exam (e. g. 1/3) is done in two versions, one for those who have to submit at the regular deadline and one for those students who have extended writing time. Students with extended writing time submit the first part at the regular deadline and can use the extended time for the second part. The other students submit both parts of the exam at the regular deadline.


You only need to construct 1/3 of an exam in two versions.

And if you give the same exam to all students regardless of equal writing time (can be an option depending on the subject and type of questions) then you know in which part you as teacher need to be a little more attentive for any unauthorized help.

Written by

Leo de Vin, Machine- and material technology