Den 14 maj kl 13-15 kommer Vera Braun från Universität Konstanz i Tyskland gästa os s i Forskarseminariet för yrkesutbildning och yrkeslärarutbildning via zoom och prata om sin forskning:

Biographies of University Dropouts attending Dual Vocational Education and Training in Germany

The dropout rate for Bachelor’s degree programmes in Germany has recently remained relatively steady at 28%. University dropouts are an attractive group for companies recruiting trainees for the dual VET system in Germany as future skilled workers. Due to the advancing academisation, the biographical processing of university dropouts with a subsequent path into vocational education and training is particularly interesting and relevant.

In a preliminary study, I conducted 4 narrative biographical interviews with university dropouts who were completing or had completed a dual commercial vocational training programme after dropping out from university. The initial goal is to flesh out the research question and then find international research partners to work on the topic from a comparative perspective.

An initial preliminary analysis shows that uncertainty, a certain insecurity about oneself is a central variable for the participants in different ways, which had an impact on their educational biographies. It has its roots in difficult family situations and language difficulties in elementary school. Current in-depth systematic analyses based on Schütze and the Grounded Theory Methodology provide results in more detail which I am going to present as far as available.

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